Upholding Justice: The Critical Role of the Attorney Code of Professionalism

For legal professionals practicing along the Gulf Coast of the United States, the Louisiana Attorney Code of Professionalism stands as the foundation for guiding lawyers in maintaining the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior. This code is not just a set of rules– it is a commitment to upholding justice, integrity, and the trust of the public. Attorneys should always aspire to the highest ideals of their profession.

The Pillars of Professionalism

Central to the code are key principles that every attorney is expected to follow. These include:


  1. Confidentiality: Safeguarding client information is vital.
  2. Competence: Always provide knowledgeable and skilled legal representation.
  3. Conflict of Interest Avoidance: This ensures unbiased and fair representation.
  4. Duty to the Court: Always uphold honesty and integrity in legal proceedings.

Each of these pillars is crucial in maintaining the integrity of the legal profession, and helps provide clients the best chance at getting the justice they deserve.

Here are the tenets of the Code:

  • My word is my bond.
  • I will conduct myself with honesty, dignity, civility, courtesy and fairness and will not engage in any demeaning or derogatory actions or commentary toward others.
  • I will not knowingly make statements of fact or law that are untrue or misleading and I will clearly identify for other counsel changes I have made in documents submitted to me.
  • I will be punctual in my communication with clients, other counsel and the court. I will honor scheduled appearances and will cooperate with other counsel in all respects.
  • I will allow counsel fair opportunity to respond and will grant reasonable requests for extensions of time.
  • I will not abuse or misuse the law, its procedures or the participants in the judicial process.
  • I will cooperate with counsel and the court to reduce the cost of litigation and will not file or oppose pleadings, conduct discovery or utilize any course of conduct for the purpose of undue delay or harassment of any other counsel or party.
  • I will not engage in personal attacks on other counsel or the court or use the threat of sanctions as a litigation tactic.
  • I will support my profession’s efforts to enforce its disciplinary rules and will not make unfounded allegations of unethical conduct about other counsel.
  • I will work to protect and improve the image of the legal profession in the eyes of the public.
  • I will endeavor to improve our system of justice.
  • I will use technology, including social media, responsibly. My words and actions, no matter how conveyed, should reflect the professionalism expected of me as a lawyer.
  • I will seek opportunities to be of service to the bench and bar and assist those who cannot afford legal help.
  • I will be supportive of new members in the profession.
  • I will stay informed about changes in the law, communication, and technology which affect the practice of law.

Navigating Modern Challenges

Today’s legal professionals face unique challenges, from technological advancements, to increasingly complex global laws. How attorneys adapt the code of professionalism to these modern demands is a critical discussion, and highlights the need for the continual evolution of legal education and ethics.

A Commitment to Excellence

The Louisiana Attorney Code of Professionalism is a commitment to excellence, justice, and the public good. As our society and laws change, so too must our understanding and application of these professional standards, ensuring that the legal profession remains a useful and respected part of society.

We at the Herd Law Firm, PLLC, utilize these principles as we fight for victims of injuries of all kinds in all types of personal injury and death claims (and other matters we handle), and never waver in our commitment to help these victims and their families in seeking the assistance and compensation they so need and deserve.

Source: Louisiana State Bar Association

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