Mercy Ship’s M/V GLOBAL MERCY,
World’s Largest Private Hospital Ship,
Arrives in Antwerp


The Texas-based nonprofit, Mercy Ships, recently built a new ship, from scratch, the largest civilian hospital ship in the world! The new ship, M/V GLOBAL MERCY, completed her shakedown cruise and recently sailed to Antwerp. As the International Day of Charity (September 5, 2021) was drawing closer, Mercy Ships announced that the GLOBAL MERCY completed its journey through the Suez Canal and the ship is headed for a short courtesy visit in Malta. GLOBAL MERCY is the newest hospital ship of Mercy Ships.

The Port of Antwerp has made the arrival of the GLOBAL MERCY in Antwerp welcome by providing a free berth and support. Volunteers from home and abroad will set up and finish the GLOBSL MERCY, as the largest private hospital ship in the world. “This unique project is a highlight in the collaboration between Port of Antwerp and Mercy Ships. GLOBAL MERCY will be the ‘partner ship’ of Mercy Ship’s other hospital ship, the M/V AFRICA MERCY. Mercy Ships expects to more than double the impact of its work with the new vessel, both with life-changing operations and with education and training of local caregivers in the poorest countries in Africa.

We applaud the good work that Mercy Ships has done, in providing medical care, usually for free, to some of the neediest communities on the planet. Don Stephens, the founder, started Mercy Ships over 40 years ago, with the M/V ANASTASIS as the first medical-care ship. Since then, Mercy Ships has served medical needs in 55 poor nations, providing significant medical care to over 2.5 million patients, including more than 82,000 life-changing surgeries. We support Mercy Ships, and have provided pro-bono legal services to them for over 25 years.

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