Mission to Seafarer’s Survey Finds New Low in Seafarer Happiness Index

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Uncertainty over crew change and shore leave have driven the “Seafarer Happiness Index” to its lowest level since the start of the pandemic, according to the Mission to Seafarers’ most recent survey.

The Mission to Seafarers commented on the results as follows: “The data fell in every category, and there were clear indications that the ongoing issues relating to crew travel, uncertainty over leave, and an almost complete and universal ban on shore leave are taking a negative toll on seafarers…..The latest results reveal a growing negativity across all aspects of life on board. There is now pessimism where once there was hope, and unless some key fundamentals are addressed and sorted, it is hard to see how the mood can be lifted.”

The survey found the index declined in all categories -general happiness, workload, training, social life, shore leave, wages, food, health, family contact and welfare facility access. Additionally, with the pressures of COVID-restricted isolation and uncertainty, many seafarers have reported tensions with manning agencies and operators over wage levels, contract conditions and length of service. Mission to Seafarers also highlighted “many worrying responses” involving various manning agents misleading or threatening crewmembers. “With the current level of dissatisfaction and stress, there could well be trouble ahead,” the report warned. Work levels also have increased, with many mariners reporting 11-12 hour workdays, rather than the more common 8-9 hours seen before the pandemic began.

“It is really worrying to see the sharp drop in the Happiness Index this quarter, with seafarers raising several major issues at the root of their displeasure. We call upon all key stakeholders to put action to word and take care of our seafarers,” said Captain Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention at the Standard P&I Club. “Shipowners and managers need to ensure that ships are properly manned and that seafarers’ mental, physical and social wellbeing are provided for. This pandemic is far from over and even with vaccination rates rising worldwide, we are seeing an increase in positive cases on board. This is not the time to be letting our seafarers down.”

We at the Herd Law Firm are keenly aware of the challenges facing our mariner-clients, now more than ever. We encourage all shipowners, managers and manning companies to redouble their efforts to be sure the key to their success, the seamen manning their ships and going into harm’s way, are protected to the fullest extent possible.

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