Did you know that about 1/3 of our cases come from referrals or co-counsel agreements with other law firms?

That is because we freely refer to other lawyers (some local, some elsewhere) cases we cannot handle. We do the same for cases we get from our lawyer-friends from other areas, too.

We also partner, or co-counsel, with numerous other firms, located both nearby and far-away, to work on cases where each firm has particular expertise, relationships or authority to practice.

And in the usual situation (assuming your jurisdiction allows it), we can split the attorneys’ fees with those referring or co-counsel lawyers, and it does not cost the clients any additional money. In fact, it usually inures to the client’s benefit to have co-counsel or referring counsel continue to be involved! For example, it is authorized here in Texas for law firms to advance the costs of certain living expenses to qualifying clients, whereas it may not be accepted to do so elsewhere. That is an example where our firm, partnering with yours, may be able to provide real and fast benefits to a mutual client, while their lawsuit or claim is being developed and pursued!

Of course, we seek and get client consent or approval of such arrangements.

If you would like to discuss such referral or co-counsel arrangements, please do not hesitate to call. We would be pleased to discuss this and other arrangements with you and the concerned clients.