Terra Safe 360º: New Technology Streamlining Maritime Safety Reporting with the Power of AI

In the heart of Port Fourchon, Louisiana, Captain Shane Guthrie has combined his 16 years of experience navigating offshore supply vessels with his passion for technology and marine safety.  The result is Terra Safe 360º, an AI-powered app poised to streamline and modernize risk assessment and safety reporting in the maritime industry.

From the Helm to the Code: The Genesis of Terra Safe 360º

Guthrie’s journey began with a critical observation: the conventional safety processes aboard vessels were not just outdated; they often were cumbersome, error-prone, and neglected to engage crewmembers one-on-one with hazard mitigation. “The amount of paperwork and the time spent preparing for tasks was frustrating,” Guthrie reflects. “I built this app for my crew – whose lives I take seriously – to make them safer and to help them do their jobs efficiently.”

How Terra Safe 360º is Changing the Game

Powered by ChatGPT Enterprise, Terra Safe 360º is designed to work seamlessly across desktops, mobile phones, and tablets, and plans for availability in major app stores are on the horizon. Its cost-effectiveness for companies is as notable as its utility; according to Captain Guthrie, about the price of a cup of coffee per user per day.

However, what truly sets Terra Safe 360º apart is its voice-activated interface, allowing mariners to report hazards and observations in real-time through a chat system. This is much more prompt and efficient than many companies’ hazard reporting policies, which often call for hazard sweeps every 90 days. The Terra AI tool utilized by the app also helps eliminate tedious paperwork by generating risk reports from voice or text inputs, all while providing real-time weather updates. This streamlines addressing hazards and communication, all while enabling crewmembers to actively participate in safety protocols and improve the work environment for everyone aboard.

A Captain’s Vision for a Safer Maritime World

Guthrie’s invention represents a lifelong, holistic commitment to maritime safety, offering features such as the C.A.R.E.S. (Communication, Awareness, Response, Educate, Support) report; the E.Y.E.S (Empower Your Environment Safety) report; electronic B.O.S.S (Behavioral Observation Safety Statements) cards, and the R.E.A.L (RISK Evaluation At Location) assessment. Documents can also be stored on the app – driver’s license, mariners’ credentials such as the MMC (Merchant Mariner Credential) card, COVID vaccine card, passports, certifications, etc. – any documentation a captain would need to allow crew on the boat. “We scan a QR code or enter a location ID code, and the documents are there for mariners coming aboard,” Guthrie said.

Guthrie even envisions Terra Safe 360º reaching beyond the maritime industry, seeing potential applications in healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, construction, and more. Supported by its patent-pending status, the backing of experienced New Orleans IP attorney Taylor Norton, as well as Captain Guthrie’s own expertise, several companies have already shown interest Terra Safe 360º.

“The industry has not seen anything like this in the safety arena. It is an industry that can benefit from emerging AI technology and embrace a younger workforce that acknowledges how technology can improve efficiency,” said Norton. “Here is a captain who knows his industry. He has a passion for safety. He taught himself how to build an app that can improve data accuracy and consistency, enhance safety and compliance, and increase user engagement and efficiency, resulting in faster hazard identification and mitigation.”

Captain Guthrie himself hopes the app opens a new chapter in how workplace safety management is handled. “The magic combination of efficiency and safety working together has always been ingrained in my brain,” said Guthrie. “This app applies to any industry that prioritizes safety.”

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Note: We have no affiliation with Captain Guthrie or Terra Safe 360º, and we received no compensation for this story. We promote this for public interest only, and as maritime personal injury attorneys, support all efforts to make the maritime world a safer place.

Image Credit: neworleanscitybusiness.com, www.terrasafe360.com

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