“Look Twice for Motorcycles”: Texas Revs Up Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month with Statewide Campaign

As warmer weather brings more motorcyclists onto the roads, Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has launched a critical initiative aimed at reducing motorcycle-related accidents. The “Share the Road: Look Twice for Motorcycles” campaign, a part of National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, is taking a proactive approach to educate and engage the public about the importance of motorcycle safety.

Starting May 1 and running through May 15, 2024, the campaign will be spread across multiple platforms, combining traditional and digital media strategies to maximize reach. With a variety of public relations efforts, including statewide media pitching and a dedicated press release, TxDOT aims to make a significant impact on road safety.

As motorcycle wreck attorneys, we are excited to see these outreach efforts over the next month!

Multifaceted Media Efforts

In an age where attention spans are short, the campaign will utilize both traditional and digital media to capture the attention of Texas drivers. Billboards in both English and Spanish are displayed in major markets like Austin, San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, and here in  Houston. An online presence through videos, Pandora radio, and YouTube will also help ensure the message reaches as wide an audience as possible.

Engaging Through Digital Innovation

TxDOT has also released a comprehensive digital campaign toolkit, accessible for partners and subgrantees. This toolkit includes a wealth of resources such as social media assets, blog content, and various printable collateral, enabling community leaders and organizations to actively participate in spreading the message.

Interactive Public Outreach

Perhaps the most interactive aspect of the campaign are the public outreach events scheduled throughout the state. These events are designed to engage the community directly, with activities ranging from virtual reality experiences that offer perspectives of both drivers and riders, to interactive games and information sessions.

Highlights include events at popular locations such as Buc-ee’s and baseball games, like the Chihuahuas Game in El Paso and Riders Field in Frisco, where TxDOT will host interactive booths and VR experiences to engage attendees in motorcycle safety education.

TxDOT’s efforts are a call to action for all Texas drivers to be more vigilant of motorcyclists. Motorcycle safety is a shared responsibility, and through campaigns like these, TxDOT is leading the way in making Texas roads safer for everyone.

For those interested in more details or in participating in the campaign, TxDOT has made resources readily available and encourages public participation. This May, as you enjoy the open road or city streets, remember to “Look Twice for Motorcycles” — a simple glance could save a life.

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