HOUSTON MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENTS-What to do after a motorcycle crash?

In 2020, Texas had an estimated 328,300 registered motorcycles on the roadways. Today the number is near 420,000 and growing rapidly, according to TxDOT. With high gas prices and inflated vehicle costs, it is likely that the number of people turning to riding motorcycles as their main mode of transportation will continue to climb.

Motorcycle Safety Campaign

Through their “Share the Road” public awareness campaign, TxDOT has encouraged drivers to be more aware of motorcyclists when commuting on the roadways throughout Texas. Although motorcycle safety remains a priority for TxDOT, just last year they reported that 519 motorcycle riders died while 2,318 suffered serious injuries.

Texas Motorcycle Accident Stats

Did you know that more than 50% of fatal motorcycle crashes result from collisions with other vehicles? On average, one motorcyclist loses their life in a crash on Texas roadways daily. In 2019, there were 5014 fatalities across the country, and Texas ranked number four in the list with 416 motorcycle related deaths. It’s no surprise that the states with the warmer climates rank higher on the list, because the weather in those states creates a nice environment for riding. In Texas, the warm weather along with nice roads and picturesque landscapes create the perfect setting for enjoying a motorcycle ride.

Unfortunately, even in the beautiful Texas motorcycle riding environment, danger is lurking. A vast majority of motorcycle accidents result in injury where speed, sudden lane departure, distracted driving and driving under the influence are contributing factors to the crash. In 2020, there were 482 motorcyclists (operators and passengers) killed, and 49% of those killed were not wearing helmets at the time of the accident.

Sadly, regardless of the reason for the crash, motorcycle wrecks have damaging consequences. As a personal injury lawyer, we have seen how devastating Houston motorcycle accidents can be, and we want to make sure you are prepared in the event you or your loved one is injured in a motorcycle crash in the Houston area.

The events that unfold after a motorcycle accident can be overwhelming. You could be facing motorcycle damages as well as physical injuries all while trying to communicate with police, insurance and attorneys. To alleviate some stress and emotional toll, we have put together a checklist to get you moving in the right direction.

I just got in a motorcycle accident, what do I do now?

Get to Safety Quickly

Immediately move away from the roadway and traffic if it is safe to do so.

Contact Authorities

Call 9-1-1- immediately to report the incident. The police will help move traffic along safely and will be able to record the details of the crash in a report, which is helpful if legal action is necessary. Before you leave the scene, get the officer’s name, badge number and accident report number.

Collect Evidence & Information

If possible, get insurance and contact information from all parties involved in the motorcycle wreck. Take photos of the scene, damages and vehicles involved in the crash. If witnesses are present, gather their contact information as well.

Seek Medical Attention

Some serious injuries are obvious immediately following an accident, and hopefully you were wearing your helmet to help mitigate any injuries. However, other injuries do not show up until later and can have lasting negative impacts on your quality of life. Even if you do not feel injured, call 9-1-1 to allow a professional to assess your injuries.

Consult an Attorney for Guidance

A motorcycle injury lawyer is experienced in motorcycle accident litigation and it’s best to contact someone with knowledge of the law so that you can learn about your legal rights and options. The knowledgeable motorcycle injury attorneys at Herd Law Firm have over three decades of experience handling cases involving various personal injury claims and Houston motorcycle accidents.

Contact Your Insurance Carrier

Contact your insurance provider to begin the claim process as soon as possible. Supply pertinent information gathered at the scene of the crash. However, do not go into detail about your injuries or damages until you have seen a doctor and had your motorcycle evaluated by an expert. Consider enlisting the aid of legal counsel to help you file your claim. Navigating the insurance claim process may not be as simple as you think.

If you have been involved in a Houston motorcycle accident and you need help recovering medically and financially, Herd Law Firm has a team of compassionate legal professionals available to support your needs. Contact us today at (713)-955-3699 to speak to a personal injury lawyer about your motorcycle accident claim, and we will help get you on the road to recovery.

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