Anchoring History: The Journey of Battleship TEXAS Sails to Galveston

The iconic Battleship TEXAS, a renown dreadnought and a witness to history, is set to anchor permanently in Galveston, thanks to the steadfast support of the Galveston Wharves Board of Trustees. This move, anticipated to be finalized by 2025, marks a significant chapter in the vessel’s historic legacy.

A New Lease of Life

The Battleship TEXAS Foundation, under the leadership of Tony Gregory, has been the driving force behind this initiative. The Foundation’s vision is to position this historic ship in the most advantageous location along the Galveston ship channel, thereby maximizing visitor exposure. This vision recently received a considerable boost with a conditional lease from the Galveston Wharves Board of Trustees, premised on criteria such as adequate parking and traffic management in the bustling area.

Strategic Location Amidst Tourist Hubs

Strategically situated between two cruise terminals and adjacent to another, with plans for a fourth, Battleship Texas will soon become an integral part of a vibrant tourist hub. This area, already bustling with hotels, restaurants, and a museum, is poised to enhance the visitor experience significantly.

A Historic Journey and Extensive Renovation

The Battleship Texas, commissioned in 1914 and a veteran of both World Wars, has undergone a remarkable journey. In August 2022, it was towed to a dry dock in Galveston for an extensive $35 million repair. This revamp aims to not only preserve the ship’s structural integrity but also to transform it into a dynamic historical exhibit.

Raising Funds for Restoration

The Foundation has embarked on a formidable fundraising mission, securing $2.5 million towards a $15 million goal. These funds are earmarked for comprehensive renovations, including a new home port, deck replacement, public amenities, and state-of-the-art interactive exhibits.

A Perfect Historical Fit for Galveston

Galveston Mayor Craig Brown noted that the USS TEXAS aligns perfectly with the city’s rich historical tapestry. The addition of this battleship not only complements the city’s historical structures and legacy, but also enhances its cultural and educational offerings.

Landry’s Inc. РA Key Player in Preservation

Landry’s Inc. has emerged as a significant supporter in this endeavor. Their involvement and resources have been instrumental in garnering the trust of the Galveston Wharves Board of Trustees. This collaboration promises to be a win-win for the Battleship, Landry’s Inc., and the Galveston community at large.

Future Prospects and Concerns

While the project is progressing, concerns about long-term maintenance and disaster preparedness remain. A $1.2 million reserve fund has been proposed to address these concerns, ensuring the Battleship’s preservation for future generations.

Next Steps

A critical meeting is slated for December to finalize the lease agreement, a step that will solidify Battleship TEXAS’s new home in Galveston. This move is not just a relocation but a renaissance, promising to breathe new life into this historic battleship, ensuring its legacy continues to inspire for years to come.

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Image source: The Battleship Texas Foundation


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